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Jordan St. Cyr

Jordan St. Cyr reminds us to have hope in our heartbreak

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Gabrielle Schulenberg

Let’s face it, life can be pretty bleak sometimes. Most of us have probably asked the question, “Why am I still here?” at some point in our existence. We wonder how much more we can endure. How much pain can we take?

The darkness of this world can seem unbearable, and maybe it actually is when we feel alone. But God changes everything.

Former worship leader, and now an accomplished and gifted songwriter, Jordan St. Cyr created his song “Weary Traveler” to reach out to those in despair. The Canadian artist states in an interview that “we are not meant to be alone.” As Christian music so consistently tells, we are created to be surrounded by God’s creation and our loved ones. And, most importantly, we are created to be in a relationship with the God who made us. This is all of humanity’s deep desire, and our joy will be complete when we allow Him to be present in our lives.

When the pain of our fallen state makes us weak, we have two choices.

First, we can try to control our circumstances, clutching tightly to some semblance of false security in whatever way we possibly can. This hurts us deeply, and it tragically hurts others as well.

Or we could let go of the illusion of control. We can hand the reins over to God and ask Him to carry us in the way that He knows will be best. As Paul states in 2 Corinthians 12:9, “… I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses so that the power of Christ may rest upon me.”

When listening to the song “Weary Traveler,” we begin to see a theme: Our joy comes from Christ.

No more searching
Heaven’s healing’s gonna find where all the hurt is
When Jesus calls we’ll lay down all our heavy burdens
Carry on
(Jordan St. Cyr, “Weary Traveler”).

In fact, if there’s one thing we can learn from life, it’s that pursuing happiness through earthly things gives us inconsistent, unsatisfying results. But Jesus gives us purpose and a deep, glowing joy for things that are eternal.

Jordan St. Cyr himself had experience with this concept. He is the father of four children—two boys and two girls—and one of his daughters has a chronic illness.

Emery was born with a very uncommon brain disorder that brought her family through some of the toughest trials parents could imagine. When she was born in 2018, MRI scanning displayed that the left side of her brain was not receiving enough blood flow, which was causing it to shrink.

Jordan watched helplessly as his baby experienced many seizures. They made countless trips to the emergency room, and doctors researched the rare condition to try to find answers. Unfortunately, the answers proved more elusive than the family hoped.

Thankfully, Emery is bravely fighting this strange illness. In this experience, Jordan St. Cyr is clinging more tightly to his faith in Christ, and his heartbreak even helped him understand the value of the music he creates.

In an interview with Life 97.9, Jordan speaks about his experience with the weariness of life:

I remember being in San Diego, [and] my wife calls me [saying], ‘hey, I had to call the ambulance. Something’s up with Emery,’ and I just feel helpless, and feel alone, in all of it. And I was in Ohio a couple weeks ago. Same phone call.”

Jordan continues:

It’s just this undercurrent of stress and trauma in our lives and it just wears you out… my wife is the weary traveler… I’m the weary traveler.

Although his song “Fires” was inspired by a man named Nathan, Jordan St. Cyr recognizes now that the song was a gift from God to keep him encouraged through each gut-wrenching seizure and every terrifying visit to the hospital. The lyrics speak of hope for Jordan as well as others who are struggling with their current reality of pain:

You’ve walked me through fires
Pulled me from flames
If You’re in this with me
I won’t be afraid
(Jordan St. Cyr, “Fires”)

Now, “Weary Traveler” is a song to encourage a world filled with sorrow to find comfort and strength in a Savior.

Pain is an all-too-common feature of humanity’s experience on earth. It is inevitable. But the same pain that can bring us down to our darkest moments has the ability to lift us up into true joy, refining us into a person who honors God and matching that pain with equal parts joy.

This is demonstrated numerous times in the Bible. God calls His beloved people to Him, and they often ignore Him until the pain is too unbearable. Then, they come to realize that God is more powerful than they are.

Ever since the entrance of sin, we have tried to outdo God Himself. God put up boundaries against our sinful behavior. We can no longer be united with God the way He intended. Yet, that is not the end.

Jesus reunified us with God, allowing the Holy Spirit to dwell within those who believe and are renewed by Christ. We become united once again.

So, when the world knocks down a believer, we can have peace, knowing the gospel, and that God is with us in every state of our being. God’s faithfulness gently guides us on our path until we reach eternity. As it says in “Weary Traveler,” “Someday soon we’re gonna make it home.” We have hope through it all. What a blessing.

Indeed, we may be weary and worn to the bone. Each of us may be struggling alongside Jordan St. Cyr and his family, but we have a God who is full of hope. We are not alone.

Jordan says in the interview with Life 97.9:

There may only be 100 percent completeness and wholeness after this life, but God does want us to find rest in this life. And He wants to be a part of our lives in this life.

If you are in need of encouragement today, you are in the right place. Although life might seem impossible, let the Church surround you with encouragement and hope in Christ. You are not alone, and the music of Jordan St. Cyr, as well as many Christian artists, can lift you up today.

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